Are you a Working Parent?

I have been working all my life and logically so, when I become a parent, everyone around me said that now I am a ‘working – parent’. But very early into parenthood, I realised that the phrase was a lie! It was a put together in the reverse! As soon as I decided to bringContinue reading “Are you a Working Parent?”

Dare to Apply to an Ivy League

Why is it that in a country where English is not spoken as widely as it is in India, the number of students accepted at the Ivies has increased three-fold in the last ten years. ‘The Chinese make up an impressive 27% of the population at the Ivies, while Indians comprised of 9.7% of allContinue reading “Dare to Apply to an Ivy League”


In my journey as an Education & Literary Consultant, the most vital learning has been – “Trust takes Time”. I respect that.  I also respect the trust that some parents and students have bestowed from the very beginning of our interaction. Perhaps, some of their comments serve as an anchor for many others:  “I was initiallyContinue reading “TRUST TAKES TIME”

Recognize your Controls of Error

A child is given some questions & asked to tally her answers with the answers from an answer sheet. The answer sheet is a control  sheet. It is external. At other times, when the child is given a puzzle to solve; until all the pieces come together, she would not have achieved the desired result. InContinue reading “Recognize your Controls of Error”

Making Your College Selection

With over 3000 colleges to choose from in the United States alone and so many universities almost like the metro stations in London, it can be a daunting task to decide on where to study. The world is a global village they say, but it is a large village nevertheless. There are some hutments (universities)Continue reading “Making Your College Selection”

The Lost Namaste

“Namaste Ma’am”.“Namaste!?” I said.   When the reception desk connected me to Nandini, a student with 93 percent in her class XII board exams, I was expecting to hear the usual self-proclaimed voice of an achiever, in most cases expecting some special treatment, a standing ovation perhaps. Or definitely an exemption from the forbidding entranceContinue reading “The Lost Namaste”