Are you a Working Parent?

Mother & daughter

I have been working all my life and logically so, when I become a parent, everyone around me said that now I am a ‘working – parent’. But very early into parenthood, I realised that the phrase was a lie! It was a put together in the reverse!

As soon as I decided to bring a new life into this world, I became a parent (who also happened to be working) – so actually I was now a ‘parent – working’ and not a working – parent. Within the same thought process, I figured that from hereon my primary identity would be that of a parent first. Ever since, without any regrets, I have been a parent – shopping, parent – napping, parent – teaching, parent – fighting, parent – banking, parent – driving, parent – sleeping, parent – negotiating, parent – cooking, parent – organizing, parent – travelling, parent – this … and parent – that! Come to think of it, parenting is the single most important role that determines the quality of our future citizens, how can we make it a part-time job!

And considering that it is indeed a full-time occupation, wonder how come our mere ability to procreate, makes us eligible for the job! Radhika Vaz’s article, Rotten Apples says it well – “I think that prospective parents should be subject to a written exam followed with an interview to assess their abilities to raise a responsible next generation…” Till such time, ask yourself if you are still a working – parent?

About Charushilla

Charushilla is the Founder and Key Mentor for University Connection - an evolving and unique education mentoring initiative. She is a College Essay Expert and a communications coach, career guide and a literary consultant. She believes that career decisions are life decisions and works with students, parents, young professionals and aspiring authors to help them help themselves.
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