Careers: An International Perspective

Read published article on Careers: An International Perspective  Is a career about ‘what I do’ or ‘who I am’? The true meaning of life lies in trying to make sense of this all pervasive question. Moreover, while most careers are seen as a means to an end, the most fulfilling careers are an end inContinue reading “Careers: An International Perspective”

7 Tips for a Perspective on Writing College Essays

Whatever the topic of your college application essay, remember – They are not asking you to change the world or be the next Steve Jobs; but they are certainly interested to know if you believe in your own brand.
Here are 7 tips to help you change your perspective on College Essay writing.

Dare to Apply to an Ivy League

Why is it that in a country where English is not spoken as widely as it is in India, the number of students accepted at the Ivies has increased three-fold in the last ten years. ‘The Chinese make up an impressive 27% of the population at the Ivies, while Indians comprised of 9.7% of allContinue reading “Dare to Apply to an Ivy League”


In my journey as an Education & Literary Consultant, the most vital learning has been – “Trust takes Time”. I respect that.  I also respect the trust that some parents and students have bestowed from the very beginning of our interaction. Perhaps, some of their comments serve as an anchor for many others:  “I was initiallyContinue reading “TRUST TAKES TIME”