In my journey as an Education & Literary Consultant, the most vital learning has been – “Trust takes Time”. I respect that. 

I also respect the trust that some parents and students have bestowed from the very beginning of our interaction. Perhaps, some of their comments serve as an anchor for many others: 

“I was initially quite against professional help for my personal essays, but upon working with Ms. Charushilla I have realized that it is a very open and helpful process. It gave me the focus and one on one time I needed to complete my college essays and not panic about them even in the last minute. Without losing the authenticity of my work I, I was able to receive the guidance I needed to write my college essays and this program has helped me not only in completing my applications but also in doing them well.” 
Tanya from Woodstock School, Musoorie
{Applying to Stanford University, UCLA, Georgia Tech University, Harvey Mudd, Carnegie Mellon}

“Highly appreciate your hard work and the effort that you have put into Shreya’s application. I am sure she will get into the right college with your guidance. I feel so relaxed!”
Kavita Behal (Parent of student from Class XII, Step by Step, Noida)
{Applying to University of Bath, University of Manchester, University of Warwick among many others.}

“She possesses a strong sense of commitment with student she supports. She is really experienced in what she does and is super fast in resolving doubts, understanding students psyche and helping overcoming their mental block. She can see potential in each student knowing exactly how to approach them.”
Satyam Mukherjee (Parent of student from Class XII, Delhi Public School R.K.Puram)

Thank you. 

Published by Charushilla

Charushilla is an evolving educator who founded her unique mentoring initiative, University Connection from her living room! Over the years, having mentored thousands of students, she's grown into an authority in edupreneurship, college planning, communication consulting, scholarships and into a high performance coach for young minds! She believes that career decisions are life decisions and works with students, parents, young professionals to aim for more.

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