What’s with existing?

There is all this talk about creating things, producing stuff, being famous, driving your life in a certain direction, making choices, breaking barriers, rising to the occasion, making the most of your education, earning, spending, earning some more and spending again and earning, only to get back in the cycle! No, this is not aContinue reading “What’s with existing?”

What’s the hardest thing to do?

Parenting is about understanding that an empty nest means that your bird is learning to fly among the clouds, at the same time, it’s to do with believing that it’s not just about giving them wings, it’s also about nurturing roots that strengthen them for life. Parents must value courage as a developed trait and wisdom as a tough lesson imbibed through experience.

Are you Creating a Career Enabling Ecosystem!

Even very reputed schools in India, often have no counselor or have one odd teacher with good communication skills also given the designation of a counselor. Counseling doesn’t work that way! Career mentorship today requires specialized teachers and trainers who can work as mentors with students.

Looking back @2017

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”- Francis of Assisi. University Connection (UC) was always developed to educate, enthuse and empower the student of today – from school-going teens to young adults in college to even mid-career professionals – UC has engaged with the complete spectrumContinue reading “Looking back @2017”

Are You Feeling Trumped?

“I think we need a back-up plan. Should we also apply to Canada?” called a worried parent of a class XII student soon after the Executive order from President Trump. She’s applied for universities in the United States only and even has close to a hundred thousand dollars scholarship from one. She’s not alone. WhetherContinue reading “Are You Feeling Trumped?”

Cross Border Education

Sharing some of my thoughts in the December Issue of the Business World Magazine on Cross Border Education India is going global with a vengeance. One manifestation of this is the sheer number of youngsters going abroad for a “foreign” degree. In 2016, this number is expected to cross 400,000. The US, predictably, leads theContinue reading “Cross Border Education”

Careers: An International Perspective

Read published article on Careers: An International Perspective  Is a career about ‘what I do’ or ‘who I am’? The true meaning of life lies in trying to make sense of this all pervasive question. Moreover, while most careers are seen as a means to an end, the most fulfilling careers are an end inContinue reading “Careers: An International Perspective”

7 Tips for a Perspective on Writing College Essays

Whatever the topic of your college application essay, remember – They are not asking you to change the world or be the next Steve Jobs; but they are certainly interested to know if you believe in your own brand.
Here are 7 tips to help you change your perspective on College Essay writing.