7 Tips for a Perspective on Writing College Essays

Still struggling with your College Application essay?

Well, which one is it – Personal story essay | Why an MBA | Why ‘this’ B-school essay? | Career Goals Essay | Leadership Essay | Teamwork Essay | Weakness/Failure/Setbacks Essay | Achievements essay | Challenges overcome/risks taken | Ethical Dilemma/social responsibility | Passion/Motivation/Initiative | Diversity/community | Additional information/extenuating circumstances | Undergraduate Application Statement of Purpose (SOP) | Master’s Application | The Common App Prompts…

Whatever the essay, remember: They are not asking you to change the world or be the next Steve Jobs; but they are certainly interested to know if you believe in your own brand.

Here are some tips to help you change your perspective: 

  1. College Essay writing = 30% writing skills + 70% thinking skills
  2. There is no fixed way to write
  3. The final essay can take multiple drafts, re-drafts and still may not be perfect! Keeping at it is important
  4. Pre-writing is as important as writing
  5. Your story is your strongest ‘hook’
  6. Giving more TIME betters the chances of a superb pitch
  7. Seek guidance. It is a process of mentorship that can really add value.

Watch the College Essay Impact presentation to know more.

About Charushilla

Charushilla is the Founder and Key Mentor for University Connection - an evolving and unique education mentoring initiative. She is a College Essay Expert and a communications coach, career guide and a literary consultant. She believes that career decisions are life decisions and works with students, parents, young professionals and aspiring authors to help them help themselves.
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