Are you Creating a Career Enabling Ecosystem!

Message to Principals and Directors of Schools
Career Concept

The Education space is changing rapidly.

From chalk and duster to whiteboards and tabs, from nonchalantly walking to school to cctv vigilante and bar-coded entry of students through iron gates, from career choices to life decisions – in such a scenario, schools, the custodians of this change need to be equipped with the right answers.

Today more than ever, Career guidance has become of paramount importance. Not only because of the advent of futuristic career options and a change in the educational and career ecosystem, but also because the student of today is not just a pure sciences, commerce or humanities student. The intersection of these options is where opportunities exist. Now while we, as educators, know this, I often feel that the careers are seen in silos – often like an aggregation of degrees and diplomas. It is anything but that. The process of creating a career might go through a college admission, but it is not linear. It must follow a rigorous preparedness routine that focusses on effective communication, deep research and critical thinking.

Just like there is a lot of emphasis on pedagogy in schools, and on subjects, we not only need to prepare our students for the kind of careers coming in the future, we also need the right teachers and mentors who can play a key role in their growth. Schools have to realize the importance of career counseling and that for exceptional results, beginning from Grade 9 students should be exposed to career mentorship that truly links them to their dreams.

University Connection has been established with single minded focus of Empowering Your Career Choices. We allow students and families to think beyond limitations: reach out of their dreams with the correct information and preparation – its integral to our Complete Application Admission Schedule (CAAS). I like to call it THE ROAD TRIP – where every milestone is a learning point and reaching the destination happens by default, almost like destiny.

It has been 15 years in the education sector and I firmly believe that building an empowering learning ecosystem in the present is the only way to secure our future. My plea is that Career development be taken more seriously at schools. It must not be just a once-a-year-session but a continual process of learning and guidance all year round.

Even very reputed schools in India, often have no counselor or have one odd teacher with good communication skills also given the designation of a counselor. Counseling doesn’t work that way! Career mentorship today requires specialized teachers and trainers who can work as mentors with students. My message to schools would be to actually invest in developing a Career Mentorship Division, to invest in their teachers. We are happy to facilitate through our Certificate program in Career Counseling for teachers – This empowers them to become an important part of the student’s journey because while a teacher delivers, a mentor nurtures. Let’s empower together.



Published by Charushilla

Charushilla is an evolving educator who founded her unique mentoring initiative, University Connection from her living room! Over the years, having mentored thousands of students, she's grown into an authority in edupreneurship, college planning, communication consulting, scholarships and into a high performance coach for young minds! She believes that career decisions are life decisions and works with students, parents, young professionals to aim for more.

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