About me

An extensive experience with Education & Parenting for over 13 years and a long drawn connection with guiding students towards University education, has given me an insight about admissions across the world. My students have been selected at some of the best universities of the world – LSE, Harvard, Penn State, Purdue, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Boston University, DurhamUniversity, Kings College London and many more. My life research often takes me to how the next generation is being shaped through parenting (good or bad), the social media and our inner journey. It is this inner journey, the reflective process of admission guidance that I write about. It underscores the unmatched importance of College Essays in today’s number sensitive university admission scenario.

My endeavour is to provide unbiased mentorship to students and young professionals. Although the right information is only a click away, too much information, stifles and confuses at times.

  • I believe: Career decisions are life decisions.
  • I empower: Students with writing expression and the ability to research effectively.
  • I respect: The ability to articulate thought into written expression and better still, into execution.
  • I value: Parents’ sacrifices & the Guru- shishya parampara (the teacher-student tradition)
  • I acknowledge: Knowledge as a limited resource & intrinsic learning as an infinitely deep reservoir.

I am: A student first.

Happy reading 🙂

Charushilla Narula 
Founder & Key Mentor
University Connection

A: H-1B, Kalkaji Main Market (Level – 1), New Delhi – 110019 |
T: 011 49057755, 011 49057766, +91 8130130013 | M: +91 98115.14287 | 

7 Responses to About me

  1. lalit dua says:

    KEEP IT UP, God bless, Carry on the Good work

  2. jigyasa says:

    all the best charu . look forward to hearing more about your success stories

  3. Vivek says:

    Congratulations !! Charu for your initiative into this noble field of education – may all your dreams come true – Good luck n God speed. 🙂

  4. Way to go, Charu! Best wishes!

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